News from the Keyboard

So as if Mondays aren't usually bad enough on their own yesterday proceeded to become a day of Mega-Mondayitis. It began the usual way, waking up and realising that it was Monday, followed by the obligatory sigh. Then I realised I hadn't set my alarm on Sunday night and had over slept, way over slept. I had to skip my morning workout (which I was actually looking forward to for once), proceeded to rush through the shower, breakfast, out the door routine and got to work for a day of meetings. Meetings all day. As I'm sure everyone who works in an office knows meetings are officially the most efficient way to waste time. Minutes are taken and hours are wasted.

Anyway I left work to head to the doctor and get the results of some blood tests I had done. With fifteen minutes to get to the doctor my motorbike started coughing and spluttering and stopped. When I reached down to switch the fuel to reserve I realised it was already on reserve. So I pushed my motorbike the remaining kilometre or two home. I made it home at the time I was supposed to get to the doctor. I then rushed to change the battery in my car that was conveniently flat and left, - 5 minutes to get to the doctor.

I arrived at the Doctor about twenty minutes late concerned for the inconvenience I may have caused for others but of course failed to recall that the appointment times Doctors give you are completely arbitrary. You could be waiting twenty, thirty minutes before you go in, or forty minutes like I was.

So I get in and the Doctor tells me I have glandular fever and anemia...and that was Monday. End rant.

I do actually have some good news to counter all of this. I found out recently that an autobiographical short story I wrote about my families experiences at the Port Arthur massacre entitled 'My Escape' which was published in Voiceworks magazine (a magazine that publishes work by under 25s) way back in 2001 is going to be republished in Voiceworks 21st birthday anthology The Words We Found: the best writing from 21 years of Voiceworks magazine. This is really exciting for me as this was the first short story I had published and is a piece that means a lot to me. It is still the most personal story I have ever written and one that helped me overcome a truly traumatic experience. You can find out more about The Words We Found here:

I've also just submitted a short five page comic story called "Paradox Life Insurance" to 2000AD for their 'Future Shocks' series, I really like this little story so I hope it gets picked up.

Until next time,