Release day: The Fence has Fallen...

Today was A Town Called Dust release day! I started the day with a celebratory coffee so that I wouldn't become a zombie too.

It still feels a bit surreal that release day is finally here, at last people are going to have a chance to meet these characters and explore this world I've spent close to the last 5 years creating. I'm excited and nervous too of course.

The book reached number 4 on the Amazon Australia Young Adult Best Seller list and number 7 on the Fantasy list so a huge thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. I am indebted to everyone who bought the book and I hope you enjoy it.

I even got to sign my first copy, who said you can't sign an ebook!

Today more than ever books live and die by word of mouth. If you read and enjoy A Town Called Dust please tell other people to check it out. Leave a rating or review on Amazon and Goodreads and help the book find more lovely readers.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped get me here and to everyone who supports the book.

Not even the fact that there was no hot water in our shower this morning can bring me down today!