'A Town Called Dust' Movie Casting

No, I'm not saying a film version of 'A Town Called Dust' is in development. Not yet anyway. Although it is a very visual book so any Hollywood producers reading this feel free to contact my agent, we'll 'do lunch' and discuss the terms. Instead, this is a post inspired by Sophie Masson. Sophie is my book-release-day-buddy over at Momentum Books. Her book 'Trinity' comes out November, 13th same day as 'A Town Called Dust'.

I've been following Sophie's writing blog in the lead up to her book's release and it's terrific. She's been discussing the Russian setting of Trinity in a lot of detail and it really is interesting. Today she wrote a post about playing at casting director in which she tells us the actors she would choose to play her characters if her book was a film. I thought that was a great idea, it's something I've thought about before when I was tagged in the 'Next Big Thing' meme that went around last year or the year before, I decided to blatantly and shamelessly steal Sophie's idea and blog about it right now.

So, if 'A Town Called Dust' were a movie and I were the casting director here are the actors I would pick to play the key characters:



For Squid, the young dirt-farming boy who finds himself well and truly out of his comfort zone when he is dragged into The Territory's fight against the ghouls, I would cast Max Records. He is probably best known for playing Max in Where the Wild Things Are but he's a little older now, actually 17 which seems ridiculous to me, and would fit the role perfectly.



Lynn, the somewhat feisty girl who joins Squid in this adventure when she finds herself on the run from The Territory's powerful church would be played by Chloe Moretz. She looks exactly like a girl who was raised in the walled city of Alice but everyone who saw her play Hitgirl in Kick-Ass knows she could bring out the zombie slashing when she needs to.


Lynn's older brother and promising member of the Diggers tasked with protecting what's left of mankind from the ghouls would probably be played by Liam Hemsworth who, like his older brother Thor, I mean Chris, is breaking into Hollywood. He has recently played Gale in The Hunger Games and I think could play Melbourne very well. Of course being an Australian actor he could nail the Aussie accent needed for the gig.

Lieutenant Argus Walter


Sure look he's probably too busy being Superman or whatever but I think Henry Cavill would be a great choice to play Lieutenant Walter, the Digger who becomes something of a mentor figure to both Squid and Lynn.

The Administrator

The tyrannical head of the Territory government will be played by Jeff Bridges. I mean look at him, would you want to get on that guy's bad side? Look into his Jeff Bridges eyes!

High Priestess Patricia

The head of the Church of Glorious God the Redeemer, and a character just as cunning as The Administrator, High Priestess Patricia would be played by Helen Mirren. High Priestess Patricia is one of the most fun characters in the book to write and I'd love to see Dame Helen Mirren bring her to life I mean, it's Helen Mirren, she's a Dame and who wouldn't want to see her play a villain!

So that's how I would cast the 'A Town Called Dust' film. Once you've read the book why not stop back here and let me know if you think I was right, or let me know how you would cast the film.