Two Book Deal!

So here's a blog post I've been wanting to write for some time, not just since I found out about this news but really for many, many years.

Some time ago my Mum found a box of old stuff tucked away somewhere in the back corner of the garage. Inside was a collection of sentimental items she'd kept from my early days at school. One of the most entertaining things inside was a collection of stories I'd written when I was in the first grade. Each had been stapled into a small booklet with a carefully illustrated front cover. Even back then, more than twenty years ago, I had wanted to produce books.

Ever since I first started writing stories way back then I've wanted to be a published author. I've had short stories published over the years, short comics in anthologies and online and graphic novels in development, but still publishing a novel has remained my number one goal. Today I can finally say I've achieved this lifelong aim as I've secured a two book deal with Pan Macmillan/Momentum Books for my novel 'A Town Called Dust' and its sequel!

'A Town Called Dust' is a post-apocalyptic Young Adult novel set against the stark landscape of Central Australia where the remnants of mankind live separated by a four metre high fence from the ghouls, the creatures responsible for the destruction of civilisation. Squid, a young boy who thinks life can't get any worse than living on his Uncle's dirt farm, soon discovers it can when he is recruited into battle against the ghouls. This starts Squid on a journey that will take him further than he ever imagined he would travel, and leads him ever closer to discovering secrets about himself and the world he lives in.

I'm so incredibly excited to have this book making its way out into the world and I'll certainly keep updates coming as we get closer to release.