Upcoming Events - Continuum Con Schedule

I've got a bunch of events coming up over the next few months including some readings and signings, Oz Comic-Con and a joint launch of both A Town Called Dust and A City Called Smoke.  I'll post details about all of them as they draw nearer.

First though I'll be at the upcoming Melbourne Continuum Con 11. Continuum Con runs over the Queen's Birthday long weekend, this year June 5 - 8. I'll be appearing on the Sunday only, but it's a day jam packed with panels. I'll be speaking on:

Genre YA: Beyond the Hunger Games with Amie Kaufman, Ellie Marney and Sue Bursztynski @ 2pm

Australian Dystopias with Helen Merrick, Cat Sparks, Stephanie Lai and Jason Nahrung @ 3pm

Surviving a Climate Change Dystopia with Michelle Goldsmith, Jason Nahrung, Cat Sparks and Sean McMullen @ 6pm

What Does Australian SFF mean? With Dirk Strasser, Cat Sparks and Amanda Bridgeman @ 8pm

I look forward to seeing some of you there and chatting about the best in spec fiction and YA. I'm sure by the end of that busy day I'll be resembling some of my own ghoulish creations but it should be fun!

Supanova wrap-up

Now that this weekend has rolled around, a weekend where I'll actually be at home and have some much needed breathing room, I thought I'd write a post about the wonderful madness that was Supanova. Also, Lynette Noni, a fellow debut author on the Supanova circuit, has made me feel guilty for not blogging enough because she posted a recap of the Melbourne Supanova that's almost longer than my novel, and she's doing another for the Gold Coast. I need to up my blogging game.

So, for the last two weekends I was a guest at the Melbourne and then Gold Coast Supanova Expos. I've attended Supanova a few times before as a fan and to help out the Gestalt Comics crew at the booth but this was my first time as a fully fledged guest author, and it was awesome.

It was great meeting so many readers and other wonderful people and sitting back and watching the cosplay go by. I spent most of the weekend chatting and signing books. In Melbourne I shared the author booth with this fine collection of word-slingers:

From left to right K.J. Taylor, Alan Baxter, Jack Dann, Traci Harding (in back), Lynette Noni (the other debut/baby-author there) (in back), myself, John Scalzi, Peter F. Hamilton and Posie Graeme-Evans (in front). I had an awesome time with these guys and each and every one of them is super nice. I got to sit next to John Scalzi at the signing table which, as a fan of his, was super-cool. Plus, I got to tell all his fans that John Scalzi was the next Justin Woolley.

Here's some highlights from the Melbourne leg of the tour:

This is Paris, she was the first person to buy and have me sign  A Town Called Dust  for her. She is terrifically wonderful

This is Paris, she was the first person to buy and have me sign A Town Called Dust for her. She is terrifically wonderful

On the Gold Coast our line up changed a little. Here's the author crew we had there:

Along the back is myself, Peter F. Hamilton, Alan Baxter, Marianne de Pierres, Kim Wilkins and Lynetter Noni. In front is Traci Harding, Colin Taber and Paula Weston. Again the Gold Coast show was amazing fun.

Late Night Selfies!

Late Night Selfies!

I was also on an author panel each weekend. In Melbourne I shared the stage with Lynette Noni and C.S. Pacat where we spoke about 'Impossible Quests' and how quests and journeys are represented in fiction. On the Gold Coast I was on a panel called 'Myths and Misconceptions' with Peter F. Hamilton, Kim Wilkins and Lynette Noni. Here's a picture of everyone looking at me expectantly, I'm sure I'm about to say something highly intelligent.

Apart from the other authors and wonderful readers I met some awesome people and made some great new friends including Bob Morley (Bellamy from The 100), Barbara Dunkelman and Arryn Zech (Rooster Teeth), Tony Moore (original artist on The Walking Dead), Kyle Stevens (Kirby Krackle) and Georgina Haig (Once Upon A Time). I had great chats with these guys over the two weekends and they were nice enough to grab copies of my book. I also hung out with heaps of the other guests, the highlight of which was probably sharing a packet of Tim Tams with George Takei.

So all in all it was a fantastic couple of weekends and it was great to get the news a few days ago that A Town Called Dust was among the most successful debut novels they've had at a Supanova, so that's cool. A last big shout out to Ineke Prochazka who is not only my Agent to the Stars (John Scalzi reference there for those of you keeping score) but also the Literary Manager at Supanova. She does a wonderful job bringing together all the authors and wrangling us around during the weekend.

Here's to doing all this again soon!

A Town Called Dust in Print & Supanova Schedule

Today saw the unboxing of the first paperback copies of A Town Called Dust. Needless to say I was excited to get my hands on them. Momentum have done a fantastic job with the print version of the book. It's come up beautifully and the pages inside even have words on them, my words!

These copies are ear-marked for my guest appearances at the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Expos in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. So, if you're heading along to Supanova swing by the author booth and pick up a shiny new copy of ATCD, I'll even deface it for you.

If you're not heading to Supanova you can get yourself a paperback copy through Amazon.

Speaking of Supanova the event programs for both the Melbourne and Gold Coast shows are now available here. I'll be signing pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday at both shows with my panels at 10:30am on Saturday in Melbourne and 12:40pm Sunday on the Gold Coast. In Melbourne I'll be talking about writing quests and journeys with Lynette Noni and C.S. Pacat. On the Gold Coast I'll be discussing myths and misconceptions in fiction and will have to sound intelligent because I'll be alongside Lynette Noni once again and science fiction legend Peter F. Hamilton. Hopefully I'll see some of you there.

Supanova with Gestalt

Last weekend was the Supanova Pop Culture Expo here in Melbourne and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the fine folks at the Gestalt Comics booth.


Though writing is ultimately myself alone at a computer for hours on end, albeit with my imaginary friends, I am in fact a social creature and do enjoy chatting with people so thanks to everyone who came by the booth. It was great talking to fans and meeting other writers and creators. I did get a chance to wander around the con too and feed my obsession with buying subtle pop culture reference t-shirts, which is always a bonus. I made some professional contacts and finally got to put faces to some online names. All in all an excellent weekend but tiring enough that by Sunday afternoon my brain required a little sonic kick-start.

So why was I at the Gestalt Comics booth you ask, and if you weren't asking that you should be so I can segway nicely into this...


So why was I at the Gestalt Comics booth you ask, and if you weren't asking that you should be so I can segway nicely into this...


I haven't mentioned anything on the site until now as it's all very hush-hush-secret-squirrel-business but I do have a graphic novel in-development with Gestalt. It's still a long way off but stayed tuned for further details in the coming months!