The Deep

The inaugural post on the Good Stuff Blog goes to the graphic novel I just finished reading this afternoon: The Deep: Here Be Dragons from Gestalt Publishing written by Tom Taylor with art by James Brouwer.

I've read some of Tom's work before, namely The Example also from Gestalt, and he is well known for his Star Wars work with Dark Horse, but The Deep is a bit of a departure from this being a good old fashioned family adventure.

The story follows the Nekton family, underwater explorers with a knack for coming awfully close to being eaten by progressively larger underwater creatures. Tom's writing of family dynamics is bang on and the sibling bashing is reminiscent of every family get together at my own family's house. There are some genuinely funny moments of banter.

I'm new to James Brouwer's work but it is some awesome stuff and dead on suited to the story. Tight, Disney-esque pencils with a dynamic painted feel for the colours.

Tom and James together have synergy that creates an awesome cohesive work. It makes it into the category of Good Stuff because of the much larger world it hints at, and the fact that when I finished it I wanted more of the Nekton family.